About us

Over ten years ago Concrecel USA began pouring lightweight insulated concrete roof decks for South Florida Roofing and General Contractors.  Within the first few years Concrecel began to recognize the widespread challenges the Lightweight Insulating Concrete industry had become so famously known for.  Mixing lightweight concrete in the field has its inherent problems caused by a combination of issues related to human error, inaccurate mixing/measuring techniques, resulting in inconsistent densities and pull-out strengths.  As a result, lightweight insulated concrete’s reputation became known for its consistency in being inconsistent.  Specifiers became reluctant to use Lightweight Insulated Concrete and have began looking to other roof systems to avoid any of the potential issues caused by poor LWIC applications.  Concrecel identified this need for change and began an extensive research and development program to revolutionize the lightweight insulating concrete industry.

In 2002, Concrecel introduced the first patent pending Mobile Production Application System that would soon take the LWIC industry by storm.  This all in one self contained unit consists of a concrete mixer, foam generator, hydraulic system and pump capable of producing 50% more lwic in the same time than anything available in the industry today.  This fully automated system produces Concrecel lightweight concrete at a specified density for each batch every time.  This system removed the guess work and eliminated the in-field mixing problems.  The end product is a uniform quality, high strength Concrecel lightweight concrete unlike anything else available today. 

In 2009 Concrecel USA joined the Canadian market by forming Concrecel Canada. With more than a decade of experience and the intellectual property developed with consultants and engineers on hundreds of major projects, the patented and computerized mobile production system was proven and ready to ensure flawless LWIC application anywhere. Concrecel Canada is based out of Toronto, Ontario and have at their disposal the mobile application system, the experience and the unrivalled technology to deliver LWIC to any roofing contractor in the country. We are solely a LWIC provider and not a competitive roofing contractor.